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Product Name: Bistro MD

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Bistro MD Review

Bistro MD Review

Bistro MD is a slimming program that offers healthy food prepared by the chef with a carefully balanced macroelement that promotes metabolism and accelerates healthy weight loss. It was developed by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., a certified bariatric doctor who helps patients achieve and maintain weight loss for over 20 years and is different from other diet programs. It emphasizes the scientific understanding of food combinations, instead of counting calories and limiting portions for better health. It is useful for people who are looking for a slimming program but do not have time to plan or prepare meals. The website offers more than 150 snacks, and people with diabetes or other health risks will benefit from unlimited access to registered dietitians.

What is Bistro MD?

MD Bistro is a food delivery service that provides nutritionists with low-calorie, low-fat, ready meals. The Bistro MD website is a very simple and convenient website, attractive and professional. The site contains good chapters of customer feedback, a comprehensive FAQ function, and information about the developer. Cederquist, a doctor who, according to the party, has been consulting nutritionists and chefs for ten years.

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Each menu contains low-fat, high protein, highly complex and high carbohydrate food. The breakfast included in the menu consists of rolls containing protein, oatmeal, and eggs. Lunch consists of the main soups, wok dishes, and sandwiches, and dinner is usually a meat dish with vegetables.

How Does Bistro MD Works?

Bistro MD provides a healthy diet in a unique way. The company offers a highly customizable energy delivery program that allows you to create your own diet that meets your individual nutritional needs. In other words, Balance By it has been designed with the flexibility and optimal user experience in mind. The food offered by the company is already prepared by world-class chefs, so you do not have to worry about queuing shops, planning a meal every day, or spending time in the kitchen. Balance is an excellent tool that will help you create the perfect diet in terms of health, daily activities, nutritional needs, and potential health conditions.


  • It is easy to order and deliver schedule.
  • This is also a very good feature and program.
  • A place where program members receive all information, contact dieters, receive their recipes and change plans when they need.
  • They offer a transfer bonus for new members you get $ 50 for each new member.
  • You will receive a $ 50 discount when you refer your friends.
  • This includes unlimited conferences with food specialists, available via email or telephone.
  • In this more than plenty of options.
  • This plan is designed for women

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  • You can choose from four meal plans.
  • The Bistro MD website is very easy to navigate and is not huge.
  • A minimum order quantity is not required.
  • Nutrition promotes a stable, healthy weight loss of 1-3 kg per week.
  • Dr. Cederquist is dr. Phil Show appeared as an expert on dietetics.
  • The plan is suitable for diabetics.


  • The plan does not include vegetarians.
  • A plan of 1200 calories may not be for everyone.

Bistro MD


Bistro MD  has prepared food that they send to people who usually have a high protein content, low-fat content, and medium carbohydrates. The diet is low in calories, and the main plan is to maintain stable weight loss. This is a widely used method, although the food provided has a good taste and is a healthy ingredient. It makes it easier to enjoy life, not weighing and rinsing each plate. The company also offers many customers who are very satisfied with the implementation of this plan. Bistro MD offers its clients a comprehensive solution that facilitates weight loss.

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